Floor Screeding

Supply and application of all Type of Floor Screeds.

Floor screed is usually a cementatious material made from 1:4 ratio of cement to sharp sand. Screed may be laid bonded directly to the base or laid unbounded on suitable damp proof membrane which is placed over the base slab. Alternatively it may be applied as a floating layer over the layer of rigid insulation material.

  • Bonded Screed
  • Un-Bonded Screed
  • Floating Screed

Bonded Screed

Un-Bonded Screed

Floating Screed

Normal Duty Screed system will have a density range between 1,800-2,300 kg/m3 while the Lightweight screed on other end can illustrate density between 700-1,800 kg/m3.

Based on the requirement GCS can a provide the perfect solution to meet your requirement