Scrabbling Machine

CT 200 Multi-Prep System

Quality and reliability for high performance and cost effective operation.

  • Dust free operation - integrated dust port
  • Fine height adjustment by handwheel and quick lift lever
  • Robust, accurate construction
  • Proven reliability and Quality
  • Comprehensive range of cutters
  • Long life cutter drum assemblies
  • Belt tensioner and standard ā€œVā€ belt drive

Technical Data
Working Width200 mm
Voltage110V/230V Single Phase Or 400V Three Phase
Dimensions97 * 80 * 36CM (H * L * W)
Weight52KG - 230V , 62KG - 400V

CT 60 Edger

The CT 60 Edger has been developed as an integral part of the CT 200. It is now possible to prepare floors to within a few millimetres of wall. All tools, used in the CT 200 can be used in the CT 60 Edger as well.